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Igor Tsukanov was born in 1962 in Moscow. In 1992 he set up a financial services company CentreInvest Group, which he ran as the CEO and President for 15 years and sold to a consortium of commercial banks in 2007. Currently he is Chairman of the Tsukanov Family Foundation (TFF), a UK-based charity supporting education, culture, and the arts in the UK, Russia and around the world. The TFF owns one of the world’s largest collections of post-war Russian art, which can be found at

The TFF has for years worked with leading Russian museums. It financed the Tretyakov Gallery’s acquisition of 15 pieces by Russian contemporary artists such as Pivovarov, Steinberg, Plavinsky, and Infante. In partnership with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art the TFF held exhibitions
of Leonid Sokov (2011) and Vladimir Nemukhin and Lidya Masterkova (2015).

In partnership with the Saatchi Gallery, the TFF orchestrated the largest ever exhibition of post-war Russian artists “Breaking the Ice: Moscow Art, 1960-1980s” (2013) and “Post-Pop: East Meets West” (2015).

The TFF has also sponsored numerous other international exhibitions, including the recent “Russia and the Arts: The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky” (2016) in the National Portrait Gallery (London).

The Foundation’s music affiliations include the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera House, the National Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Verbier classic music festival. The TFF extends scholarships to a number of the leading schools in the UK, including Eton College. 

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